Get To Know Us

Slap On It is one of the leading names when it comes to BBQ rub! We are on our journey to prepare a BBQ rub to make your BBQ party an extreme hit!

Our Success Story

Slap It On is a renowned US-Based company. We have vast experience in making a great BBQ rub for someone who loves to cook and BBQ. This product is known to add a little zest to an ordinary piece of meat. We have won several awards for maintaining our high-quality and international standards.

Our award-winning recipe has been a favorite amongst pit masters throughout Chicagoland. After years of development, we are proud to share our family recipe with you. Slap it on BBQ has been made with the finest ingredients and freshest herbs. It is the secret to kicking your BBQ up a notch and is sure to be a hit at your next backyard BBQ.

We have combined several different flavors and have managed to perfect it with just the right amount of spice and just enough heat to come up with zesty BBQ rub perfect for all types of meat.

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Our Mission

To be the leading and top brand in making rubs and seasonings. Slap It On aims to be perfect in manufacturing its product. Slap it on BBQ Rub has been a long-standing family recipe passed down from generation to generation. With our CLASSIC BBQ RUB, we wish to make the BBQ taste more delicious and healthy.