Slap It On BBQ Rub

Zing Your Spice Level

Want to make your meat tempting and juicy? Try our BBQ rub and experience the burst of flavor on your taste buds. Coat your meat with amazing BBQ Rub and let it blend with ribs. It’s great for grilled, roasted, or smoked meats; you can even use it on vegetables and potatoes.

“Who says family recipes should only be kept within the family? Get a taste of our family food legacy with our long-standing BBQ Rub today.”

Vivian Sherman

"Spice Of Madness, Which Gives Your Life A Flavor"

Do you tempt for your BBQ to be spiced and juicy at the same time? A rib isn’t a rib if it is not juicy and well-cooked. However, the BBQ rub must be inviting and aromatic to water your mouth. Slap It On has the secret to boosting your BBQ temptation. We make our rub with a special blend of spices to give your meat a restaurant-like taste and tenderness. So, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing BBQ rub and let your meat meet the flavor gala. Order now to make finger-licking BBQ.


Meat Our Classic BBQ Rub

Are you interested in making your meat lip-smacking? Catch the secret of our family recipe in our BBQ rub. Let the taste penetrate every shred of meat!

Hear It From Our Clients!

Our perfection lies in the quality and the taste of our BBQ rub. Hear it from our clients!


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